Monday, November 15, 2010

It's been awhile...Getting with the program.

Good Morning.

This morning I'm focused on getting back with the blogging program. I've had a rough year and as the old saying goes...

"If you don't have anything nice to say; don't say anything at all." - unknown

So, I've remained silent.

Sure, there have been some up's over the past year like the fact that Jared is now living his dream of playing high school football, Alyssa was a real princess for a night, Katlynn is finally realizing there is life after plantar fasciitis and is able to run again, and Jesse is enjoying being nine, he's a busy guy, and so cute to boot.

Jason and I have been on the 'in's' and the 'out's' and are back 'in' again at this moment. Wouldn't it be wonderful if a moment could just simply last forever?

Family life is always a little choatic with no less than six children and two adults living in a three bedroom one bath house. How could it be anything less than chaos? The laundry was winning the battle for a while but I finally had the time and spent all weekend winning the war...for now. Now, if I could only keep it all going maybe I could somehow manage to incorporate getting back to church in the deal.

It's a good life, it has some harsh realities, but it's a life worth fighting for and possibly blogging about. Who knows maybe the insanity of it all will lead to a book someday my children will laugh over.

"The life and times of the crazy woman" or something to that effect. It could be a parody of the realisms that make mothers of multiple children absolutely insane with worry, laughter and of course would include the most basic of all causes of dementia and alzheimers....raising teenagers!!

At any rate, if there's anyone still out there interested in reading, I'll be writing.

Have a blessed day!
~Theresa (a.k.a. kidlette)


  1. I'll be reading....and waiting for you to come back to Church...cuz that's the only way I get to see you!

  2. Awwww YAY!! I'm glad to know yall are still here!!

    Love to you both yall truly are the ying and the yang in my life.....polar opposites to be sure but a great balance for me!