Monday, June 8, 2009

Antsy Morning......

Well, I just woke up...never the best time to be blogging. I'm supposed to go to the gym this morning with Hillary to work out but already I can think of a million and one reasons not to go. I woke up with a pulsing headache....took something for it and I'm hopeful it will go away before 0730 or I will have to cancel the gym appointment. It seems whenever I get a headache like this I battle nausea. Thinking it's probably not such a great idea to go puke in the gym today.

It seems to be a high anxiety morning too, not sure why other than my NCLEX results should be in today, I hope. Or maybe it's that I have six children here instead of my normal four which didn't help me sleep well last night. Who this point, I'm thinking of going back to bed and starting over in a couple hours.


Interesting to me was when I read my horoscope this morning just for fun and found this to be my daily reading...

" You have a headache, you didn't sleep well last night and everyone seems to want something from you. Just this once, refuse. Even omnipotent multitaskers are entitled to downtime."

I'm not typically a huge believer in Astrology but I do find it very interesting when it's this accurate.

~~~~~~~update #2~~~~~~~~

I did pass the NCLEX!!!! YAY!!! Got my license here in the state of Louisiana FINALLY!!

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