Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 5th 2009

Well, yesterday was the "big" day of our family baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yip! My mother's worst nightmare has come true...I'm officially married to a Mormon. Growing up in Mesa, Arizona that was a concern I'm sure since it's unofficially called "little Salt Lake" for all the LDS stakes, wards, etc... that are there. Yes, I grew up in the shadow of the Mesa, AZ LDS Temple and somehow managed to get 1400 miles and 20+ years away to become a Latter Day Saint. Ironic eh?
To speak a little on the subject, I can only share what I've experienced so far. So far it's been an amazing experience. About two weeks ago, my husband of 20 yrs made the decision to be baptized along with two of our children. Shortly afterwhich I consented to do the same having no real religious ties to any other denomination at the time I decided since a home divided against itself would fail it would just be best for me to jump on board. I've had a testimony to the truth and validity of the BOM for a number of years but could see no point in rocking the boat coming from a relatively "anti" family.
I'm excited to share all the news and amazing happenings surrounding our baptisms and conference weekend but for the moment I'm really exhausted and should get myself to bed. Farewell for tonight.

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  1. Wow Thank you for sharing this special time with us! Can I tell you that Wanda West Palmer is also the mother of my friend Brenda Hon and I see her on occasion so that's incredibly special I will make mention of that to her and I know she will be very pleased to have been a part of your baptism. Theresa that even greater confirms my testimony because of all the people and all the songs it happens to be of a person that I know and have met and whose daughter is my friend in my ward whose Husband was the one who baptized me!