Monday, April 20, 2009

We've just had the most amazing evening. I'm so thankful for Missionaries and the joy they bring with them when they visit. Tonight we had a house full of joy, happiness, and at the end, great gobbs of tears. Tonight we shared family home evening with a group of young people we completely enjoyed. Elders Harding, Penney, Voorden, and Shoell, and Sisters Heaton and Singleton. We had originally thought a couple more of the elders would show up but that just didn't work out. It was a powerful night full of fun, games, and of course an opening song, prayer and a lesson. We were so glad to get together with these guys, our family is especially partial to Elders Harding and Penney being that they served here as our ward missionaries for quite some time. Elder Harding is especially close to us and our children, with Katlynn being especially partial to him. He is a great young man and is 100% adored by all of us. We miss him greatly and love him very much. He is in our prayers every day.
I need to go before my brain cuts out on me and I end up face down on my keyboard. Yeah I'd laugh too if I didn't know for sure it could actually happen.
More about this special guy later. G'night~T

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