Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sister Joy Wiechmann
Let me tell ya about a Missionary Sister
That line rhymes with blister.
We love her heart so much
She came into our lives
and our hearts she did touch.
After enjoying these missionary sisters so much I've realized how much hard work and dedication they put into what they do. This Sister came into our home and brought with her a sweetness and innocence the world will never know. She is a true blessing to us as a family. We wish her all the best as she goes and begins her "post-mission" life.
There's not enough time or words in the world to express our love for this lady. We miss her already!! So it is with much love and a heavy heart, we wish her well and hope she will keep in touch for the long haul. Thank you Sister Wiechmann for your kind smile, warmth, and sweetness. We love you!

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  1. Would somebody please call the "WAAAbulance" I miss her so much I catch myself hearing her voice in my own head often. I just hate to even think of FHE this week without her. Jason misses her too and is concerned it's just not going to be "right" having FHE without her.