Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yikes!! A new Sister Missionary

Sister Singleton
Last night we had the pleasure to be introduced to Sister Singleton. She was transferred to our ward this week. We look forward to getting to know her and I'm sure I'll be going on exchanges with her and our beloved Sister Heaton soon. I have to say that I'm a bit apprehensive about getting to know another Sister not because of her or anything she's done but strictly out of fear knowing that getting to know Sister Singleton will eventually mean we will have to say "cya l8r" to Sister Heaton as she'll be moved to another area. I dread that day and I KNOW I'll be a great big bawl baby. As I try to lay my fears aside, I'm sure we'll have great fun with Sister Singleton. I'll keep ya posted on that.
This morning I find myself fighting a desire for perfection in my family. Having grown up around tons of LDS families, I seemed to have the expectation that mine would suddenly "line up" before they were dry from being baptized. I somehow figured there would be family prayer every morning and night, scripture reading everyday, no harsh language in the house, the house would be self cleaning, and that fairies would make shoes on the counter every night. What I've realized this morning is that life is not a fairytail and I need to be thankful for the changes that have been made and there have been changes I am very thankful for. I also realized that as we all strive to do better, the bigger changes I took for granted would just happen will be there their own time. Rome wasn't built over night and neither, I say, is an LDS home.
In striving to be grateful today, I want to say I'm so grateful for a family that loves me. I'm eternally grateful for parents who taught me how to think for myself and who did all they could do at the time to lead me and guide me towards truth. I'm thankful for grandparents who adored me and thought enough of me to just spend time getting to know me. I'm thankful for a sister who knows truth and has changed her life accordingly. I'm thankful I have a beautiful niece and pray for her daily. I am thankful everyday for Katlynn, Jared, Alyssa and Jesse, you are truly gifts of Heavenly Father to my life. And, I'm ever so thankful for a husband with a heart of gold. He's truly worth his weight in gold to me, but only if he's sitting in a tractor while on the scale, because he's little hiney wouldn't weigh near enough. I'm definately grateful for the gospel, for a loving Saviour who died so that I might have it, and for a Heavenly Father who saw fit to save us all. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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  1. LOL I went through this so many times and still's a process and you know as well as I do that perfection is always the goal or how we were raised anyway I am glad that our parents always set high goals for us and thqat they thought enough of us to believe we could achieve them! It's baby steps and they are harder sometimes. I have never learned patience like I have learned in the last 2 years!!!! My Baptismal, confirmation, and endowement anniversary is coming up in May and I have been reflecting on the last two years and it's amazing the changes I have made in my life.... I often get discouraged thinking that I haven't accomplished much but when I read my journal writings and remember things I realize how far I have come and how pleased I am with my life...... it gives me encouragement for others and my own family. I am so blessed to have you guys in my life and I am so thankful that Heavenly Father Loves me so much and has trusted me to be a part of this family!