Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Backhanded Blessings

This morning I find myself thinking about a recent learning experience. I know Heavenly Father sees to our paths so I know this was for the greater good for all involved. My thoughts are focused on mainly two things, one that our beloved Elder Harding (pictured here) is nearby and within easy driving range. So there's the possiblity of seeing him on a somewhat regular basis. Ya gotta love "P" days!! And then there's my current job situation that I was really toiling in my mind over last night while all the Missionaries where here. Here's that situation...
Recently I started a low paying job as a medical office assistant with a Podiatrist at a multipurpose clinic that also sees Chiropractic patients and sells health care supplies and medical equipment. It's kind of a Mom and Pop place run by a mother/daughter team with Dr. in the office a few days a week. Well, as it began, I was thumbing through the phone book praying desperately for a job I could work until my nursing license came through and called them up. I was hired on the spot, at first glance. Looking back over the past month I realize this should have been my first warning sign....something was wrong in that picture. At the time however, I was just thrilled to have the position and excited to get started. So, on Friday, after gathering as a family and thanking Heavenly Father for the blessing I set myself to start the following Monday. Warning sign number two came Saturday when my oldest son Jared went over the top of his bike handle bars and broke his wrist/hand leaving me in the doctors office on Monday rather than at work, but they were understanding so Tuesday I went to work and managed to work 5 hours before the school nurse contacted me to let me know Jared needed to go home and was in a great deal of pain. EEEK!! At this point I was freaking out about my job and worried that I would for sure be fired but I wasn't; so, I was back to work on Wednesday and worked my first full day. Long story short, I was hired originally for full time work, after that first crazy week, I worked one full week before the mother in that team asked me if I'd be willing to only work when the Doctor was in because she couldn't afford to pay me to work there full time and said she just didn't have enough work for me to do...I agreed. On the third Friday, my payroll check bounced twice and I had to have a very embarrassing conversation with them about getting paid last Tuesday. And yesterday, I received a call from the mother/my boss who said after praying about it over the weekend, she didn't know how this situation could continue to work to which I also agreed. She wrote me a letter of reference so I can find a better fit for my family and that was it. You see, on Sunday in all of my ward classes, I had a nagging feeling that I need to be at home with my children and put aside everything that is not necessary in my life. I counselled with my husband and came to find he felt the same way and so together we were trying to think of ways to approach my resignation from this same job that I was so thankful for. It was a backhanded blessing, a comfort and such a relief to get a phone call from my boss on Monday to let me know Heavenly Father had heard our prayers and was already leading the way!! I'm so thankful for a Heavenly Father that loves me as sees to my needs.

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