Friday, April 24, 2009

Smiles ARE Contagious!!!

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with a friend and I'm grateful for her contagious smile. Shown here is Sister Cardon with her family in their much dreaded Easter pic which I stole from her blog...or borrowed rather....(coughs...eek! I hope she doesn't mind my using it on my blog. )
Sis. Cardon has been a wonderful inspiration to me with her beautiful well behaved boys, her clean home which she has opened up to our family, her interest in being fit and healthy, and with the beautiful spirit and 'gung ho' positive attitude she possesses. I'm thankful to be able to call her my friend.
As things go, a friend in need is a friend indeed; such was I yesterday. Having allowed so much negativity into my own mind and with frustration mounting faster than I could contain it over this situation with the nursing board, I was fit to be tied and clearly ready for the padded room by yesterday morning. I was miserable and felt entirely hopeless in the situation. What a blessing it was to be able to call first thing in the morning and find a compassionate voice on the other end. I'm so grateful she was willing to come hang out with me for the afternoon AFTER a 40mile bike ride. I would have needed ambulance assistance but not Hillary, she showed up with a smile and she even brought lunch!!
Now, as frustrating as it may be, the situation hasn't changed one bit with the nursing board at this point. Being with Hillary though has helped me see the forest instead of the trees that are blocking my path and her being here was just the distraction I needed to make it through the day. Sharing a few laughs didn't hurt anything either. Thank you for that.
I find myself today just a little complacent or blah for lack of a better definition. I talked with the Board representative this morning and there's still no news yet as to when my letter might get here entailing whatever else they'll need so I just have to wait....ICK!! I wish I had something to work on or that I could do to feel like I'm actively pushing onward and upward with this thing but.... no dice.... today I just wait. Making good use of my time is the goal today, so far I've made thank you cards for those who remembered my birthday, cleaned out my bedroom disaster, put dinner in the crock pot which smells absolutely wonderful, scrubbed the children's bathroom and even managed to read my scriptures and journal a bit. So far, it's been a good morning. OOoooPs there's the door.....time to go work in the yard again!! Here's to hoping I have more time to write later!! ~chiao

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