Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a weekend!!

It's been a crazy week, starting out with a roadtrip to Longview, TX and ending with another road trip to Grand Cane, LA. Thankfully there has been fun along the way.

This is me on Monday in, of all things, a hanger at the airport looking at planes! Not something I ever thought I'd be doing since I'm not a huge fan of winged death tubes. Actually I have no real fear of flying, just a dislike for small aircraft that doesn't hold its own well in turbulance. What I'm standing next to in the pic is a 75 yr old fighter plane or bomber from WWII and I was very surprised to learn it's made out of wood and cloth. It's seams are stitched together by sewing machine and then taped before it's painted military green. (( EEEK!! Can someone say insanity?? )) I'm told building it that way made the plane light and easier to manuever in air battles and such but did nothing to protect the pilot in event of a crash.

So, there was a bit of a history lesson in my little roadie to pick up a friend at the airport in Longview, TX. After this pic was taken, Dean hopped in the car and we picked up Jason in Shreveport and all of us were off to pick up our friend in Longview. It didn't take as long to get there as I thought it would so in about an hour we were hanging out around the airport there. It was a tiny little airport with three gates and one restaurant. The whole building was about the size of my house completely surrounded by runways and a small parking lot. No way a person could get lost there so finding Jan was easy and we zipped back home.

This is Jared shooting one of his flights at the 4H Shooting Sports Regionals Competition. He did very well for a first timer shooting 41 out of 50 bright orange skeet. There were about 150 kids in the junior division and Jared placed 39th over all. Unfortunately he missed going to state finals by 1; still by far a proud parent moment to see him do so well! We got up before the chickens on Saturday to make the drive to Grand Cane, LA for the event. It was a great day for people watching as we milled around in the crowds waiting for Jareds team to shoot. The first two flights seemed to take a very long time after that it seemed to fly by while we all got ready and cheered on his first group of teammates as they shot the line. Into the fourth flight, Jared's first flight, it began to rain on us a little. We got all the kids in their rain gear and continued the competition. It stopped raining briefly and they were able to finish their two flights with a slight sprinkle just before the deluge dumped on us as the Moorehouse team was up for their two flights. Poor kids had to shoot in a down pour but they still did very well.

The rest of the week was filled with working for me and Spring Break for the kids. Katlynn babysat for a friends boys and earned some money this week she's anxious to spend it already. I learned this week that my job such as it is probably won't work out well come summer time when the children are out of school. So, it looks like I'll be looking for a job again soon. It would be really nice if I could find one working Sunday thru Thursday nights and not have to work any weekends. We'll just have to see what happens.

That's the update for now, it's getting to be past my bedtime so I'll have to blog more another time. Love, Peace and Chicken Grease!!!

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