Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pins and Needles....

I'm just writing to vent this time. When it feels like the whole world is moving on while you're simply standing still it's time to write it out. That's where I am today. For four long months, I've been pushing paper and complying with various different forms of red tape in my efforts to get my Louisiana Nursing License. It's been a gruelling process that I would never wish on my worst enemy. I've really worked hard to keep my chin up and push on through whatever challenges have come and I'm only freaking out today because I've done all I can do and now it's time to just stand still and wait. I've never been very good at that so I'm freaking out.

All day I've waited in one way or another, I've cleaned house and checked my email on the fly, I've went to town and bought necessities (toilet paper emergency) and I've read, prayed until finally I could not stand it and I called my contact at the nursing board and told her I'm feeling like that kid in the back of the car saying "are we there yet?" over and over again. She chuckled and said she should know something by 3:15pm. It's now 3:32pm and NOTHING YET!!!! AUGH!!!! You see my frustration.......


  1.'s the latest result on this NEVER ending process. It's not good enough evidently to do EVERYTHING they ask of's a game of 20 questions!!!

    The review of your application and information presented to the Executive Director has yielded some additional questions. These will be summarized in a letter to you.

  2. Great blog! You are much better at "journaling" than me. I had a great time today! Call me if you need me again....see you in the morning at 7:30!