Saturday, April 11, 2009

G'Morning!! This morning is Easter morning at our home. We decided that it's crazy enough trying to get six people up and ready for church in the morning that we didn't want to complicate matters tomorrow. Shown here is daughter #1 with her dog both of them in their Easter outfits. AWWWWWWWW aren't they cute? It's been a fun morning so far and it's just 7am. Whew, being a helper to that fat Easter Bunny is tough on an ole lady like me. It's about time for me to hop right back into bed!!

Today is fixin to be a busy day with an early egg hunt for the children at our ward, followed by the Sisters coming out to the house just to hang out and maybe we can get them to help us on an egg hunt here since we totally colored something like 40 boiled eggs last night. That was a blast! While Jason was in the kitchen cooking his little fingers off for a bake contest today, I kept the kids busy at the diningroom table getting their fingers colored as much as the Easter eggs. It was a great time!!

I totally dread the day when my children are to old to play. Thankfully that doesn't look to be changing as of yesterday. Here they are with their food colored fingers!!

Well, I wanted to share our little moments of fun today. Enjoy!! More from the Carris home later!

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